From head to toe

  It’s July now and we officially enter the second half of year 2018. However, I still remember myself setting up goals for New Year. It strangely went too fast from winter to summer. Don’t you agree? As I celebrated… →

liepos 2, 2018

Pastel Spring on my mind

Don’tknow about you, but for me pastel colors are ideal for sunny spring and summer. Perfect choice when you want to look fresh and blooming. When styled thoughtfully I find pastels timeless enough to wear them year after year. There… →

gegužės 29, 2018

What makes me happy

It has been a while since my last OOTD post, but here I am. Spring and summer always have been my favorite seasons bringing new ideas and inspiration.  It is wonderful time to appreciate the beauty and bounty that mother earth… →

gegužės 18, 2018

Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow ilgalaikiai antakių dažai

Turiu pripažinti, kad Maybelline New York Tattoo Brow ilgalaikiai antakių dažai buvo viena laukiamiausių metų naujienų. Oj kaip nekantravau juos išbandyti, ypač matydama kaip kitos tinklarštininkės jau dalinasi savo įspūdžiais socialinėje medijoje. Tačiau iš kitos pusės, laukdama kol Maybelline naujienos atkeliaus… →

gegužės 5, 2018

Dress season is coming!

  I am pretty sure I’ve heard some people say: “Oh it´s sweater season”. When it comes to spring/summer I say: “It´s dress season”.  Don´t get me wrong, it´s not that hot in Portugal to dress like in the photos… →

kovo 30, 2018

Connection between looking your best and feeling confident

  I think everybody has those days when just don’t feel like spending too much time and effort on their appearance, but obviously want to look good. It is imporant to almost all of us and looking “put together” is clearly an effort.  From my… →

kovo 23, 2018

Maybelline The City Kits Pink Edge šešėliai ir Total Temptation blasktienų tušas

Nuo pat metų pradžios Maybelline ir L’Oréal stebina išties intriguojančiomis kosmetikos naujienomis. Nors dėl laiko trūkumo uždelsiau jomis pasidalinti savo tinklaraštyje, tačiau vos radusi laisvą pusvalandį nusprendžiau jį paskirti būtent kelių naujienų apžvalgai. Tad apie viską nuo pradžių. Šiandien noriu pristatyti… →

kovo 21, 2018

Spring is just around the corner

Don’t know for how long, but it finally feels like spring. Few days ago in the morning I felt lovely warmth wind blowing through my face and it made me smile from ear to ear. I know it’s not officially… →

vasario 24, 2018

Ruffles and stripes

It guess is no secret that everything tends to feel a little more difficult at this point in the winter. It’s cold, still gets dark early, the excitement of the holiday season is long gone. There are quite a few… →

vasario 3, 2018

My favorite print to wear

I’m not one who typically wear prints, especially in winter.  If you would look in my winter closet you would see around 4-6 items of clothing with a print. And I am talking about simple prints such as checks. However, the print… →

sausio 26, 2018


Hope your New Year is off to a good start! I am very excited, because I will start mine with vacation. Perfect way to clear the head, get some inspiration for new projects and, of course, set new goals. So,… →

sausio 4, 2018

Goodbye 2017, Hello 2018

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! As now we are days away from the end of the year I decided to share my last 2017 post. This is the reason why you see me all dressed up and not in… →

gruodžio 29, 2017

´17 Metų pabaigos mėgstamiausi

Metų pabaigai nusprendžiau jog būtų smagu su jumis pasidalinti trumpa nuomone apie per paskutinįjį pusmetį labiausiai pamėgtas kosmetikos priemones. Šiais metais turėjau galimybę išbandyti išties daugybę naujienų, bet toli gražu ne visos buvo vertos apžvalgos. Pastebėjau, jog būtent paskutiniais metų mėnesiais pasirodžiusios makiažo… →

gruodžio 20, 2017

Embroidery GREY and Christmas spirit

Hey folks! Time is flying. I feel like summer just got over and Christmas is already next week. That’s the feeling you get living in Portugal. The only thing which reminds me of Christmas is Christmas tree and present under… →

gruodžio 16, 2017


I know that for my lithuanian readers it might be confusing to see me in such a summery clothes in November.  I have to admit, weather this season was fantastic, I could not wish for a better. I said was,… →

lapkričio 28, 2017


This particular day in Tavira was truly a day of exploring. We simply chosen the direction we hoped would be fruitful and followed it. This is my favorite way of spending vacation, even when I am going to the places I… →

lapkričio 3, 2017


Dažniausiai būtent šaltuoju metų laiku nesinori vilkėti itin spalvingų rūbų. Esu tikra, kad ne man vienai. Nors ir šio sezono tendencijos mus tieisog stumte stumia įsigyti kažka ryškaus, tiesa? Kad ir kaip bebūtų ryškios ir efektyngos lūpos net ir prie… →

spalio 12, 2017


Grožis ir Mada

As of today, I am officially on HOLIDAY. I am stepping away from the computer for a little bit and leaving you with photos from my latest beach photo-shoot with wonderful Maria Eero.   Best wishes | Šilčiausi linkėjimai, L.    … →

rugsėjo 16, 2017

Hello, September!

Grožis ir Mada
Hello, September!

I invite you to start the second week of September with a new outfit post. You must have seen this skirt on my blog before. I have to admit, it is one of my favorite styles to wear. This skirt… →

rugsėjo 11, 2017

Summer breeze

Grožis ir Mada
Summer breeze

Vasara skrieja gerokai per greitai. Tiesa pasakius, negaliu patikėti, kad rugpjūtis jau beveik baigėsi. Taip pat, tik visai nesenai susimasčiau, kad šią vasarą su jumis pasidalinau vos keliais vasariškais deriniais. Kodėl taip nutiko? O gi paskutiniu metu tiek daug visko vyksta, kad kai kurie dalykai lieka šiek tiek užmiršti.… →

rugpjūčio 22, 2017